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1)    Emergence of Vivism 

1a)    Further developements after creation of Vivism

2)     The Vivistic way of nutrition 

2a)    Why it’s unnatural for humans to use animal foodstuff

2b)    About vitamin B12   

2c)     Life friendly agriculture     

2d)    Arguments against mowing plants 

3)    Vivism in ones own interest  

3a)    Life-unfriendly behavior       

3b)    Punishments by nature 

3c)    Own experiences

4)    Vivism eliminates all environmental damage 

5)    Qutations

6)    Global overpopulation


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What is a Vivist?

Was ist ein  Vivist?

Qu’est-ce qu’un Viviste ?

Cos’è un Vivist?

Hvad er et Vivist?







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